Less known Background Eraser

Less Known Background Eraser:

We are going to use a very little known Photoshop tool call “Background Eraser Tool”. It’s a super useful tool for removing background colors while preserving the main picture that you want. It’s pretty simple so you can start using it immediately after the tutorial.


1. Open up a image you want to remove the background from. Try to choose a picture with the background that contrast with the main picture.You can duplicate this layer if you want to preserve the original picture.
2. Click the “Background Eraser Tool”. Set a soft brush(Low hardness) with the size comfortable to remove the background. Set :”Sampling: Once”. Leave the tolerance at 50%. Select “Protect Foreground Color”.

3. Click the “Eyedropper Tool” to select the color of the picture you want to protect. For my picture, i would click the log.

4. Switch back to “Background Eraser Tool” .Click on the color of the background and start dragging around to erase the background.

5. If there is change in the color of the foreground, switch back to “Eyedropper” Tool and sample the color again. Repeat Step 4 again.

6. After you erase the entire background, let your imagination run wild!!