Configuring Firefox at Your Own Risk

When a page is loaded, it is cached so it doesn’t need to be downloaded to be redisplayed. For e-mail and news, messages and attachments are cached as well. This preference controls the maximum amount of hard drive space to use
for caching purposes.

To disable the new js pdf viewer.
To set the downloads folder

Url for which the new tab will be opened

To set the homepage

devtools.webconsole – options
For Developers to customize the webconsole like font size,enable or disable the filters etc…

extensions.update – options
To set the update options like url,interval etc

Font – options
To set the default font and its size for each language that firefox supports

Plugin – options
To set the url for plugin update checker , manage the versions etc

Privacy – options
To set the values for password, pop up blockers,cookies,offline data etc…


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