Unknown Google Products

Google is an integral part of a large number of internet users’ life. Few of us can’t imagine a life without Google on internet, so much so that the word ‘Googling’ means search for most. However, there is much more to Google than Search, Gmail, Apps and Android. The company also has many products and services which may not be as popular but are surely as useful.

1. Google Mars:
Launched in 2009, Google Mars is a collaborative effort of Google and NASA researchers at Arizona State University. Google claims that the team has created some of the most detailed scientific maps of Mars ever made.The feature released as part of free downloadable Google Earth app, allows users to view images downloaded by NASA just hours ago, take an interactive tour of Mars, view 3D rover models and follow their tracks to see high-resolution 360-degree panoramas.

2. Google Art Project:
Google’s Art Project is an online collection of some of the best art works from around the globe. The art project provides users virtual tour of more than 150 art museums from across the world, including New Delhi’s National Museum online. Art lovers can have a peek at high-resolution close-ups of masterworks by Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Botticelli and many more. The site started in February 2011 with works from the Tate Britain, New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

3. Google’s Input tool:
Google Input Tools is another little known useful product from the search giant. The tool allows users to type and exchange messages in the language and style of their choice. Google recently launched Google Hindi Input app on Google Play. According to the company, for Android smartphone or tablet users, Google Hindi Input is the quickest and easiest way to compose emails, send messages and post on social networks using Devanagari script. Google Hindi Input has two methods for writing Hindi text. In transliteration mode, users can simply type a Hindi word in English (like say Namaste), and the app will automatically convert the word to Hindi. Hitting the globe button switches to a full Devanagari script keyboard, with Hindi consonants appearing alphabetically on two pages. In this mode, users can long press at any time to select various forms of a consonant.

4. Google’s Think Insight:
Google Think Insight is an information and resource hub for marketers. It offers consumer trends, statistics, marketing insights, studies and industry research. For example, want to read about famous Indian Jugaad innovation? It is there. And similarly, many other such interesting articles and helpful tools.The industries covered are as wide as, Advertising to automotive, Consumer Goods to Education, Fashion to Financial Services, Healthcare to Media & Entertainment and Retail to Tech.

5. Google Moderator:
Often wonder what question to ask in a meeting or a Q&A session? Google Moderator can help. Google Moderator allows users to create a session about anything that they are interested in discussing, and open it up for people to submit questions, ideas, or suggestions. Google doesn’t charge users for the service, but it does use the service to get feedback from users on various topics.The tool was created by Google engineer Taliver Heath using his 20%-time (all Google employees are allowed to work on products of their interest in twenty percent of their time).

6. Google Encrypted:
This is another useful feature provided by Google that not many users are aware of. Google Encrypted SSL encrypts the communication channel between Google and the user’s computer. As Google says, “Searching over SSL provides you with a more secure and private search experience.” When SSL search is in use, the URL will contain https (note the extra “s”) followed by the Google domain, e.g. https://www.google.com. Some browsers may also provide a visual indication that the user is using SSL, such as a lock icon in the URL bar. SSL search is default when a user is signed in. However, users can also navigate directly to https://www.google.com or to https://encrypted.google.com in case they are signed out or if they don’t have a Google Account.

7. Google Schemer:
Google Schemer aims to help users discover new things and share them with others. Whether it’s exploring a new city, checking out a friend’s movie recommendation, or just finding new activities for your weekend, Schemer can help you in all. Schemer uses your Google+ connections to show users what people in their circles are ‘scheming’ about. Using the “Accomplices” page, they can select a group of friends and find what ‘schemes’ they all have in common. The site also has categories like beauty, gifts, fashion, do-it-yourself and many more.