Ethernet doesnt have a valid IP Configuration:


  • Go to network and sharing center – >Change Adapter Settings.
  • Right Click on the “Ethernet” and select Properties.
  • A Dialog Box will open,in the center box, select IPv4 and select Properties.
  • There change to “Use Followind IP Address” and give the valid IP ,gateway and DNS addresses.

IP Address:
Gateway :
Dns Server:

  • Thats it.. Come out , “Disable and Enable” the Ethernet.

How to make a program run as an administrator :

Development Tool:     Visual Studio

1. Add “Application manifest” file to the  project by “Add New Items” under Projects Tab.
2. In the Application manifest file, replace the “requestedExecutionLevel” tag with
“<requestedExecutionLevel  level=”requireAdministrator” uiAccess=”false” />”
3. Now when you run, it will run or ask for permissions to run as an administrator

Sorting – Properties

Selection Sort:

  • Not stable
  • O(1) extra space
  • Θ(n2) comparisons
  • Θ(n) swaps
  • Not adaptive


Quick Sort:

  • Not stable
  • O(lg(n)) extra space
  • O(n2) time, but typically O(n·lg(n)) time
  • Not adaptive


Merge Sort:

  • Stable
  • Θ(n) extra space for arrays
  • Θ(lg(n)) extra space for linked lists
  • Θ(n·lg(n)) time
  • Not adaptive
  • Does not require random access to data

Insertion Sort:

  • Stable
  • O(1) extra space
  • O(n2) comparisons and swaps
  • Adaptive: O(n) time when nearly sorted
  • Very low overhead