Importing Data from Other Browsers to Firefox

  • Ctrl + shift + B or open Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Under “Import and Backup” tab , select “Import Data from Another Browser” and select the browser you want.
  • Then select what all datas to be imported.

You Can find the data in bookmark tabs…


Lightbeam – Watch the Watchers

Lightbeam will create a record of events for every site you visit and every third party site that is stored locally on your browser. Lightbeam visually graphs these events to highlight the interactions between sites you intentionally visit and the third parties.Lightbeam will continue to add to your graph as you browse the Web. You can stop Lightbeam at any time by disabling it or uninstalling the add-on. Your Lightbeam data can be easily saved or deleted.
Not all tracking is bad. Many services rely on user data to provide relevant content and enhance your online experience. But tracking can happen without the user’s knowledge. That’s not okay for some. It should be you who decides when, how and if you want your browsing data to be shared. Lightbeam Developers recognize the importance of transparency and their mission is all about empowering users — both with tools and information.

From Russia with Love –

Looking for an alternative to Gmail? You have a new option now, straight from the people who brought you Tetris.
Mail.Ru just launched, which includes email, chat, games and photo editing services aimed at the U.S. market. Here’s what Mail.Ru CEO Dmitry Grishin said in an interview with VentureBeat.
“Globally there are not too many countries where local players are winning the market, but in Russia we are more popular than Facebook or Google. Mail.Ru showed people that Russia has huge potential as an interesting market. We thought a lot about our next move, and realized to be successful globally, you need to compete with the best players, and the U.S. market is the most competitive.”
The official blog offered these words in its introductory post today:
“Being the geeks that we are, we set out to develop really useful apps that will be powerful enough for a power user and at the same time, not too complicated for his grandma. In other words, we wanted our apps to look sleek and be easy to use, while offering a host of features for those looking for them.”
Here’s one particularly interesting factoid about that could make the ears of those who have privacy concerns perk up pronto. Despite the fact that is based in Mountain View, Calif., (yes, that’s Google territory)’s servers are located in the Netherlands, not here in the U.S. This could allay people’s fears after it was revealed that the NSA monitors communications here in the states.
Whether can compete with the likes of Google, Yahoo and others remains to be seen. Though Mail.Ru is incredibly popular overseas, that popularity won’t necessarily translate to high immediate adoptions numbers here in the U.S..

Microsoft Opens a new online store on eBay for the holidays

You know the holiday season is just around the corner when companies start ramping up efforts to get in your face more, to let you know about all the goodies they have that will of course make perfect gifts for friends and family, and make everyone very happy indeed.
So Microsoft has just announced it’s opened a store on eBay. It already has an online store at the accurately named, but by landing on eBay it hopes to grab the attention of the hordes of online shoppers already rummaging around the e-commerce site hunting for everything from full-scale microsoft on ebayreplicas of Stuart M3A1 tanks to novelty flashing ‘wild club’ mouth rave lights to Surface Pro tablets.
“By working with eBay….even more customers can now purchase their favorite Microsoft first-party products including Surface and Xbox, as well as accessories,” Kevin Eagan, Microsoft’s vice president of online commerce.
Eagen added that shoppers “can expect the same safe online shopping experience, return policy and free shipping from the Microsoft Store on eBay that they’ve come to expect on”
The number of visitors numbers hitting isn’t known, but with eBay claiming to have 124 million active users, it’s not hard to see why the computer giant has chosen to offer its products on the site.
Besides its two online stores, Microsoft also has 81 full line and specialty retail stores dotted around the US.
Holiday season preparations
The move by the Redmond-based company comes as Intel preps the opening of a number of pop-up stores, the first of which is set to open in New York on Saturday. Visitors will be able to get their mitts on various Intel-powered laptops and desktops, with free tech-related events movie screenings also planned.
Having this year launched a new handset, tablet, and Chromecast streaming device, Google, too, is doing what it can to grab the attention of shoppers, with six Winter Wonderlab showrooms set to open over the holiday season in cities across the US.
Of course, Intel and Google’s brick-and-mortar sites are temporary, whereas Microsoft’s eBay store will be around for a while yet – providing enough consumers shop there.

3D Builder app for Windows 8.1

Microsoft released 3D Builder, a free app for Windows 8.1 that allows you to design,develop and print your next 3D creation using your 3D printer that is Windows 8.1-compatible
Using 3D Builder, you can create anything toys ,tools and more. 3D Builder is aimed at beginners as opposed to seasoned veterans, sporting an interface that looks far from intimidating and appears to be newbie-friendly. Using 3D Builder, you’ll be able to scale, rotate and adjust your design, add more than one item to a single project, and add multiple objects together by stacking them. You can even push one object into another during the design phase, resulting in a new design.