Lightbeam – Watch the Watchers

Lightbeam will create a record of events for every site you visit and every third party site that is stored locally on your browser. Lightbeam visually graphs these events to highlight the interactions between sites you intentionally visit and the third parties.Lightbeam will continue to add to your graph as you browse the Web. You can stop Lightbeam at any time by disabling it or uninstalling the add-on. Your Lightbeam data can be easily saved or deleted.
Not all tracking is bad. Many services rely on user data to provide relevant content and enhance your online experience. But tracking can happen without the user’s knowledge. That’s not okay for some. It should be you who decides when, how and if you want your browsing data to be shared. Lightbeam Developers recognize the importance of transparency and their mission is all about empowering users — both with tools and information.


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