Test the revamped Firefox Sync on Nightly Release

Considering that most people use multiple computing devices, its important and convenient to have your browser data saved everywhere so you have access to your preferences regardless of what gear you’re using. To this point, loyal users of Firefox, the browser developed and maintained by Mozilla, have offered Firefox Sync. With Firefox Sync, you could carry over your browser preferences from one device to another by setting up an account and inputting a code on new devices in order to pair all your gear and sync your Firefox settings across all your tech. Though it worked, retrieving the codes and inputting them can be a bit of a pain.

If you’ve felt this way, you’re in luck, because Mozilla is currently testing a new method of doing the same thing that aims to make syncing your Firefox settings a lot easier with the use of account logins. Mozilla made the announcement via an official blog post.

With the revamped version of Firefox Sync, you’ll be able to carry over browser settings like bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and more simply by logging into your other devices. No more codes or numbers. The system is currently being tested via Firefox Nightly, which contains versions of the browser that haven’t been released yet. Note that the revamped Firefox Sync will only work with the most current version of the browser.


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