Create your own Custom theme for VLC

Pre requirements:

  • First of all you should design each and every parts like windows,buttons etc.
  • Some of the elements to be designed are,
    • Play/Pause,
    • Stop button,
    • Next and previous button,
    • Fast forward and fast backward button,
    • Time slider,
    • Volume slider,
    • Mute Button,
    • Text info of the song or movie,
    • Sort button,
    • Add to playlist and remove from playlist button,
    • Sliders to control equalisers etc
  • Some of the windows you should design are,
    • Playlist window,
    • Equaliser window etc


You have design all these elements with three states, one before action, one for when the mouse is hovered and one for after action.


  • Download the VLC Skin Editor from the download page 
  • Extract the package and run the application file. Before running the application, make sure java is installed on your computer.
  • Now copy all the png images that you have designed into a folder and then import everything in the Bitmap resources of the Skin Editor.
  • Now click on the add window button and give a unique id and then size etc. After then, you have add a layout to that window.
  • Layout determines the different appearances of a window and it can be one per window.
  • Now in the Items Window below, add all the elements making up this window.
  • While adding elements, you have to give the bitmap name in the attributes to add that png to the window. Then you have to specify the actions.
    • For eg: Select the item as “button” for “Stop button”, Select the item as “Check box” for “Play/Pause Button”
  • After that, arrange all the elements in the way you want.
  • Similarly create all the windows that are required.
  • To edit the skin’s settings like author etc use Edit->Theme Settings.
  • Now when you are finished, Choose File->Export as VLT.

Use the new Skin:

  • To use the newly created skin, open the VLC player.
  • Go to Preferences and then click the custom theme radio button in the opening page.
  • Click on the browse button and select the newly created skin.
  • Then save and close.
  • Now go to start->VLC player Skinned. This will open the VLC with your skin applied.

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