Setting up Joomla Site


  • Download the Joomla Package from website
  • Extract it
  • Place it in the htdocs folder of your localserver.
  • Go to the browser and navigate to the website’s index page, where you will have to give the admin details, database details etc.
  • After that, Joomla will create DB tables and set all the configurations for the site.
  • The installation will be over.

Error: Struck while creating the tables


  • Open xampp->apache2->conf->extra->httpd-xampp.conf file
  • Change the maximum memory allotted to run a php script to 256M from 128M and maximum execution time for the php script to 3000
  • If you still got stuck with the same error, then the browser must be overridden the max execution time by its values. In google chrome, it wont override our settings. In Firefox to change this, go to “about:config” page, and then edit the “max_script_run_time”

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