Ways to Configure Redis

All configuration of Redis will be present in the redis.conf file. There are many ways to change the Configuration of Redis Server.


When the Server is not running(temporary changes):

  • You can start the Redis Server with the following command,

./redis-server –<parameter1> value1 –<parameter2> value2 ….. –<parameterN> valueN

  • This change will be reflected till the server is stopped.

When the Server is not running(permanent Changes):

  • Open the redis.conf file and edit the parameters.
  • Then Save the file to make the changes permanent.


When the Server is running(no restart required, temporary changes):

  • Use the following command in the Client prompt to update the settings,

CONFIG SET <parameter> value

  • And to check whether the changes have been made or not, you can use the following command,

CONFIG GET <parameter>

  • To know all the parameters present and their values, use



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