JSON with Python

The demjson package is a comprehensive Python language library to read and write JSON, the popular language-independent data format standard.It includes a command tool, jsonlint, that allows you to easily check and validate any JSON document, and spot any potential data portability issues. It can also reformat and re-indent a JSON document to make it easier to read.


Installing demjson:

Download and install the package to start encoding and decoding JSON in python with the following commands,

$tar xvfz demjson-1.6.tar.gz
$cd demjson-1.6
$python setup.py install



 >>> import demjson

>>> demjson.encode( [‘one’,42,True,None] )   # From Python to JSON


>>> demjson.decode( ‘[“one”,42,true,null]’ ) # From JSON to Python

[‘one’, 42, True, None]


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