About pages in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has hidden various configuration and diagnostic information in its internal about pages. Some of the important about pages are ,

1. About:Mozilla
This page contains a verse from the Book of Mozilla.This was first introduced in 1994.
2. About:Config
The contents of this page has already been discussed here.

3. About:Crashes
You’ll find Firefox’s crash reports on the about:crashes page. Click a crash report and it’ll be submitted to Mozilla, where you can view information about it.If you’re struggling with a crash, you can use the information here to figure out what the problem is. Googling up some of the crash messages might help you determine the problem.

4. About:Permissions
Firefox includes website-specific permissions, which you can manage for a single website by right-clicking on a web page selecting View Page Info. About:permissions shows you all this information in one place.

5. About:About
Here you can find all the about pages in Firefox. Try out each one. It will help you to use Firefox efficiently.