Bypassing Internet Filters

 Install Putty in the VPS and open it.
 Specify the given hostname and select the protocol as “ssh”
 In left panel under SSH Connection, open tunnel tab and specify the port no.
 Give the Credentials and open it.
 Go to browser, Tools->Options->Networks->Connections, select Manual Proxy Configuration and specify SOCKS IP as and the port no same as the one specified in putty configuration.

Ethernet doesnt have a valid IP Configuration:


  • Go to network and sharing center – >Change Adapter Settings.
  • Right Click on the “Ethernet” and select Properties.
  • A Dialog Box will open,in the center box, select IPv4 and select Properties.
  • There change to “Use Followind IP Address” and give the valid IP ,gateway and DNS addresses.

IP Address:
Gateway :
Dns Server:

  • Thats it.. Come out , “Disable and Enable” the Ethernet.